- we make the finest reindeerfurs -  


We dress annually ca. 15000 - 20000 reindeerskins:
Reindeerfurs are mainly used for:

  • wall decoration
  • seat-covers, sleeping mats and seat-warmers
  • for ice-hole fishing (sitting on)
  • in laplander's hut
  • for sledge and sleigh
  • for camping
  • etc.
Reindeerfurs are awailable
three sizes; S, M and L.

Prices for reindeerfurs
can be found here.

Two similar reindeerskins does not exist.
The colors varies from almost black to almost white.
The color in the picture is most common. All black and
all white are very rare.

Reindeer footskin

Reindeer footskins are used mainly for Laplander's boots, but also for

Note. We do not make these products!!