Welcome to the Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy
- we make the finest reindeerfurs -


  • Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy is located in Keminmaa county only an hour flight from Helsinki. The company was founded in 1951 in the city of Kemi, from where it moved to Hirmula village in Keminmaa county in 1960.
  • Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy is best known for its high quality reindeerfurs, and leather stings and reindeer parchment.
  • Besides dressing reindeerfur Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy also dresses all kinds of game and domestic animals; sheep-, cow-, fox- mink-, elk- and bearskins etc.
  • We can say that Kemin Nahkatarvike Oy is one of the most versatile furdressing companies in Finland. Our customers include local hunters and dressmakers as well as Lappland souvenirshops and international marketing chains. Our biggest customers are in Canada, USA and Japan.

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Updated December 19.2008